Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga

sona medical college

Sona Valliappa Campus
Kakkapalayam to Attayampatti Road
Salem – 637 504. TN. INDIA

Sona College of Technology
TPT Main Road (Junction)
Salem – 636005. TN. INDIA

Affiliated to The TN. Dr.M.G.R. Medical University

What is the use of BNYS Course?

The Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences (BNYS) degree course aims to equip students with a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of Naturopathy and Yoga and its applications. The course includes in-depth studies on the fundamentals of Naturopathic and Yogic science. Upon completion of the course, students have the necessary tools to work as Naturopathy and Yoga practitioners.

What is the use of BNYS Course

The BNYS degree course is offered by various universities across India, and the course fee in Tamil Nadu is very affordable. It covers topics like Naturopathy and Yoga-based treatments, management of common ailments, preventive and promotive health care, research in Naturopathy and Yoga, etc. With such comprehensive studies, students who complete this course can easily work as Naturopathy and Yoga therapists and are well-equipped to practice as a professional.

In Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga over 40 camps have been conducted in the last 2 years. 12,000 people do yoga through Sona on a daily basis, we believe all our students to know the subject matters well and each of the topics has equal importance in theory and practical to make them better doctors, a student coming out of SONA will create value for society and the community.

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