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Affiliated to The TN. Dr.M.G.R. Medical University

Importance of Native Medicines

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the usefulness of native medicine in providing immunity, said Sri Gokulam Hospital Managing Director Dr.Arthanari.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga on

January 27, 2021, Dr Arthanari said COVID-19 had caught the medical profession off guard.

Striking all irrespective of their nationality, economic status, race and ethnicity, he said, it did not

spare doctors and frontline health workers.

Pointing out that In some countries, dead bodies piled up without place for burial, he said, doctors were confronted by new challenges.

 “We were under immense pressure to treat patients. We were confronted by new challenges. In Tamil Nadu, over 100 doctors died. Yet, we couldn’t shun patients,” said Dr.Arthnari, recalling the challenges he confronted during the pandemic as a medical  professional.

Saying that allopathy had its own limitations in treating viral infections, Dr.Arthanari said that herbal remedies like Kabasura Kudineer were given as immunity boosters during the COVID-19 outbreak .

Dengue and chickungunya also being viral infections, ayurvedic immunity boosters were given to patients to protect them against viral infections.

Pointing out these facts to students, he said Naturopathy students had huge scope.

Dr Ardhanari also pointed out that Allopathic drugs based on alkaloids that are used  for cancer treatment and Digoxin that is prescribed  for heart failure use herbal extracts.

The doctor underlined the fact that the success of native medicines lay in extracting active ingredients from native herbs through the use of modern technologies and packaging the products.

People are now turning to native medicine more than never before,  he said.

“India which has a population of 140 crore people presented unlimited scope for hospitals of all types. The increase in food outlets and bars mean more people would come to us with all types of diseases. But we have the solutions to help them. Without doctors people will eventually die. Do not worry that you cannot do surgeries like an allopath,” said Dr.Arthanari , stressing that there was space for Naturopathy and other native systems of medicine to co-exist with Allopathy.

He said the Sona Group of institutions had built a reputation for quality and called the institutions the pride of Salem.