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From Chandrayaan to Chandra Namaskara

Thyagu Valliappa

From Chandrayaan to Chandra Namaskara: Sona’s Journey from Lunar Exploration to Celebrating Celestial Culture

Yoga is one of the oldest traditions in the world.

Yoga is a holistic practice for human, Mind Body & Soul.

Yoga is a practice that improves concentration, cleans the mind, helps in relaxing the mind and relives stress-all without any drug or medicine.

The world is changing and changing fast, today the average time one can concentrate has reduced below a minute compared to the pre-covid duration of three minutes: What better solution than YOGA?

International Yoga Day is observed on June 21, which is also the hottest day of the year when the sun is directly above us.  This day has transformed how the world views India and Yoga since, the first Yoga Day was observed in 2014, the notion of Yoga has increased 100 times, bringing focus and peace to millions of people worldwide in the face of constant warfare across the globe. Harmony still reigns. Thanks to Yoga.

Though Yoga is a true Made-in-India practice, statistics has it that there are more people are practicing Yoga in Europe and even the United States compared to India; most International cricket teams have Yoga trainers except for India while leading hospitals have a separate department for Indian Medicine where Yoga plays a major role. Colleges such as ours practice Yoga on a daily bases since the pandemic for every student.

Having implemented Yoga under the brand SoYoga, today Sona is in the record books for continually practicing Yoga for over 12,000 people on a daily basis since 2021. Pranayama before every program is a tradition in Sona as well; celebrating June 21 has been a custom too at Sona. This year, International Yoga Day falls on Purnima, or the full moon day, which is a very powerful day. We celebrate Yoga Day by worshiping the moon with Chandra Namaskara. For the 1st time in the world, 2500 people will be doing the Chandra Namaskara at the same place at the same time on June 20, 6pm at the Sona College Grounds which will be a world record. Dr K.Narayanasamy, Vice Chancellor, The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University Chennai has been appropriately chosen to be the chief guest of this unique event. While the Chairman Shri C.Valliappa would preside over, a host of prominent invitees are attending including Ms. Amisha Sethi winner of prestige Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2021.

Sona and the Moon have been closely connected as Sona college has the distinct honour and achievement of being a part of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission which made India and people across the world so proud, today we again worship the Moon by way of Chandra Namaskara as a mark of respect and as a thanks-giving in some sort, on one of the most important day in the year. On June 14, 2023 when Chandrayaan-3 was launched aboard an LVM3-M4 rocket from the Sriharikota Space Centre, Sona made history by being a valued collaborator of India’s maiden successful moon mission that stunned the world. It was a mission of exploring the outer world. Now as the world gears up to celebrate the 10th International Day of Yoga on June 21st, 2024, at Sona the focus shifts from its outer space explorations to the inner space exploration through the ancient practice of Yoga.

As we transition from the vast expanses of physical space to the intimate realms of inner peace and self-awareness a mass Chandra Namaskara event rightly themed, “Yoga for Self and Society” has been arranged.

Sona Medical College and Hospital, a modern institution dedicated to traditional healthcare, Yoga & Naturopathy, made history during the pandemic. It developed a steaming solution to successfully treat thousands of CCI cases (Cold, Cough, and Influenza). Today, the hospital is setting records for mass Yoga sessions. It marks a transition from health education to healthcare solutions, aiming to revive traditions in healthcare while integrating new technologies. The focus is on improving the system of heritage medicine, mindset engineering, and inner healing methods. Additionally, the hospital aims to reintroduce customs such as Acupressure/Acupuncture, Diet & Nutrition, and Bio Mechanics. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on stress reduction through a world-class care center, promoting healthy practices via a Wellness hospital approach.

Over the course of the previous 100 years, Sona has created value for each and every one of its students and workers. As a result, over 100,000 people have benefited and are now shining stars throughout the world. We now concentrate on defining our vision and bringing back traditional values using a blend with technology.

Yes from Chandryaan to Chandra Namaskara we truly celebrate the Moon.

Written By

Mr. Thyagu Valliappa, Vice Chairman, Sona Institutions, Managing Trustee, Sona Medical College and Naturopathy and Yoga

Thyagu Valliappa's article about Chandra Namaskar was published in The Hindu.

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