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Naturopathy & Yoga mother of Allopathy: Former Inspector General of Police Gopal Hosur

Lots of research has been done in the Allopathic system of medicine to provide instant remedies but much of the developments in the system have come through the study of ancient Indian texts, said former Inspector General of Police  and Chinmaya Hospital Chief Operating Officer Gopal Hosur.

” The world has been given Naturopathy and Yoga by India and the two  have become buzz words worldwide,” the former Inspector General of Police  said in his address at the inaugural function of the Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga on January, 27, 2021.

Taking a leaf out of his own life to stress the importance of Naturopathy and Yoga, he said, when he suffered his first bullet injury in May 1993, during his police service, he had to undergo tracheostomy at the Sri Gokulam Hospital in Salem. “Over six months, I underwent six surgeries that included 60 inches of stitching of the body. For four-and-a-half months, I lost my ability to speak because of the damage to my vocal cords.”

He recalled  a police officer friend who called on him in the hospital and advised him to keep humming the sound,”AUM,” saying the exercise would restore his voice.

“Proving him right, my voice did get restored as I exercised according to his advice. These tips were written thousands of years ago. I attribute the restoration of my voice to Allopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga. While Allopathy helped in emergency treatment, Naturopathy and Yoga put me back on my feet. At the age of 68, I am able to swim two kilometres and play 18 hole golf.”

Stating that he had taken the  COVID-19 test five times (RTPCR tests), the former police officer  informed that he had also taken the Covishield vaccine shot. But even while this was happening,  Gopal said he was advised to take steam inhalation thrice a day , and gargle  salt water once a day apart from consuming hot water.

 “It totally changes your health and this philosophy comes from our Indian health traditions which we seem to have lost track of. However the world has started to recognise it in recent times.”

Saying that much of the development in Allopathy came through the study of ancient Indian texts, he said Naturopathy and Yoga is the mother of Allopathy.

Urging students to learn the values that the Sona Institution inculcates, Gopal said the facilities provided would help them complete the course successfully.