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Sona Valliappa Campus
Kakkapalayam to Attayampatti Road
Salem – 637 504. TN. INDIA

Sona College of Technology
TPT Main Road (Junction)
Salem – 636005. TN. INDIA

Affiliated to The TN. Dr.M.G.R. Medical University

Become a Doctor without NEET

Dear Future Doctor,

It is with immense happiness, we write to you from Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga! Our Counselling Seats have got filled up on the 2nd day itself. This unique and special achievement has been possible due to the excellent work taken up during the pandemic year 2021-22 where, with a small team, we had conducted over 18 different programmes, including 4 village health camps along with many Corona awareness programmes and Yoga for all. Sona is the only college which has offered Yoga classes from June 21 2022 (International Yoga Day)  till date on a daily basis for 5000 students across Sona’s campus. This is not only unique but a record as well.

A research on cold, flu and sinus was taken up and a steaming inhalation powder was invented and patented. A brand called Svsita has been launched and 1000s of people are already using this organic product. All this, in our 1st year of inception!

There are 100s of areas we want to work on – bring ancient Indian medicine into the forefront, blending technology, allopathy and all forms of Indian heritage medicine which is going to be the future. Having  been in education, industry and business for 100s years today, Sona is marching from excellence to significance.

Come,  join us! You can become a Great Doctor by doing a BNYS @ SONA! Selected few seats are available in Management Quota. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Doctor without NEET!

Let’s look forward and build a blended model of Heritage Health Care using Technology, Research, Innovation and materialise your passion for becoming a doctor!

Thank you.  

Thyagu Valliappa
Managing Trustee
Sona Medical college of Naturopathy & yoga
Come Rain or Sun, Learning In Sona is always FUN”.

Some Key Facts Sona BNYS

Sona Medical College of Naturopathy & Yoga, Salem Tamil Nadu. India.

It is with great delight, we connect with you from The SONA Group, a brand that has been in business since 1920s, education since 1958, infrastructure since 1970s, technology since 1980s, Research & Management Studies since 1990s & medical health care education since 2021.

We offer you a special opportunity to embark on the medical profession, through the immensely potential BNYS Degree, Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences. You can become BNYS Doctor Without NEET for this medical degree. SONA BNYS from Sona Medical College of Naturopathy & Yoga is a 5.5 year Doctor’s degree course under the MGR University.

In Sona, you will get to connect with Best Research, Best of Academics, Best of Sports & Cultural activities. Get an all round learning through practical hands-on treatments to patients, and of course with Technology  & Management even in a medical Degree profession, as we always focus on value creation for each of our 11000 students on campus today. All this, with an eye for detail, making you a subject expert & a true doctor in 5.5 years. 

Learn, enhance your skill and work in Sona Ayush Clinic, our own multi speciality Ayush clinic! Sonagrama, a Heritage Health Resort, is coming soon at the Sona Medical campus where you can have fun at the Sona Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga  & hospital.

Blended Education with Technology!

Become a doctor & practice in any hospital or build  your own clinic, offer yoga classes, learn the best of treatments & therapy from the best of doctors and treat patients in any health area. Did we miss to tell you? We teach over 50% of our students foreign languages so that our Indian Medicine could be promoted across the world. Sona BNYS provides opportunities to work abroad as a high paying income generator.  

We are not yet an autonomous medical college. Yet, we offer all this as a special value as it makes a big difference to the final out come! Having successfully placed 1000s of students every year for many decades now, it is the VALUE that SONA OFFERS which will make a BIG difference for YOUR FUTURE.

Salem is well connected to the complete South India and Tamil Nadu and you can reach any part of South India within a few hours. As we say, in Sona Medical College of Naturopathy & Yoga, “Come Rain or Sun, Learning In Sona is always FUN”. To know more contact our admission department @ 9442700353